Shirin Amin
Project Manager

Orlando Mbah

Champions Factory (ChF)- Partner

Champions Factory Ireland Limited is a non-governmental organisation based in Dublin and aims to develop innovations in the field of sport, education, training and youth. The organization is a member of Champions Factory International Network with official branches in London (UK), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bursa (Turkey).

The mission of Champions Factory Ireland Limited (ChF IE) is to encourage and support interdisciplinary and inter-collaborative sport research, serve as a research hub for sport researchers from across Europe, and disseminate sport research results to academics, sport practitioners and the public. The world of sport is rapidly evolving. As a result, issues arise with increasing regularity. ChF IE organisational goal is to create awareness of these questions and to foster creative solutions. ChF IE’s vision is to provide opportunities for independent, organised, and focused cross-disciplinary research regarding the sport development in Europe and on World level. Specifically, ChF IE is committed to serving as a national and international sports research, building research capacity – both internally and externally. ChF IE has a youth division team, which uses innovative educational methodologies (“Education through Sport” methodology, “The path of solutions” methodology; “Theatre of the Oppressed” Methodology and “Experiential learning”) they develop and empower young people to be active citizens and to reach their potential to full capacity on national and international level. ChF IE has involved more than 100 young persons with disadvantaged backgrounds (bullied migrants and orphans) of Ireland in local, national and international educational and sport activities.

As member of Champions Factory International, ChF IE supports the scientific development and testing of the methodology Education through Sport, which builds-up leadership skills in youth and promotes the values of sport (fairness, team building, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance, and respect). ChF IE provides teaching and training courses for staff of adult education organisations in sports management; using sport as a tool for social inclusion, sport to develop personal skills and the methodology “Education through sports”. We provide such courses and guidance programmes for Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI), North Atlantic Basketball Academy (NABA) and National League Football Academy. The main objective of ChF IE it to investigate issues in the field of professional and grassroots sport and conduct cooperative, collaborative research with affiliated sports organizations, public and private bodies, educational institutions.