Educational Online Course On Gender Equality

Online Consultancy System

Over 24 months, the project will hold 5 work packages, and it will develop an Educational Program that will reach 56 participants, equally divided according to their gender. Also, a Consultancy System will be available for any sport organisation, regardless of their level and of the country of origin. For the massification of the project, a Final Conference will be organised with the presence of relevant stakeholders, and a Handbook with guidelines for GE FORCE implementation will also be provided, allowing any organisation in the Members States to adopt this project.

An Innovative Project

Gender Equality FORCE (GE FORCE) aims to empower the sport organisations to balance the gender in their leadership positions. By providing awareness, guidance, and support to the “new leaders” of sport, we aspire them to be part of the necessary change to promote diversity and inclusion.


Deep research about gender equality in the leadership of sport organisations.

Awareness and Empowering

Raising awareness and empowering the future leaders
about gender equality.

Online Consultancy

Develop an online consultancy system to support sport organization to adopt measures regarding gender equality.

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