EUNIK played a crucial role in disseminating GE Force project results through a targeted engagement with sports organization managers in Poland. The objectives were twofold: providing a comprehensive understanding of the project’s goals and disseminating tangible results. The meticulous presentation showcased collaborative efforts, reaching managers from various sports organizations, including National Sport Federations, Sport Schools, clubs, and local authorities.

The outcomes were multifaceted and impactful, raising awareness about GE Force and addressing nuanced gender equality issues in sports. Beyond information dissemination, tangible tools like a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and project-produced video content were presented, serving as practical resources for sports organizations.

The event achieved broader goals of fostering awareness about international cooperation and sharing best practices, prompting the exploration of effective strategies within the sports sector. The diverse audience gained insights into both the project and the broader landscape of gender equality in sports, solidifying EUNIK’s pivotal role in conveying project information and catalyzing a broader dialogue on positive practices within the sports community.