On November 18, 2023, Champions Factory hosted an Multiplier Sport Event in a hybrid format, with 16 in-person and 14 virtual participants who engaged in a captivating GeForce presentation, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among those passionate about equality in sports management.

The event drew participants from diverse sports backgrounds, including athletes, administrators, coaches, and educators. Active engagement characterized both in-person and virtual interactions, showcasing a keen interest in the event’s objectives. Notably, a substantial percentage expressed a strong interest in the educational course on gender equality, indicating a potential impact on fostering inclusivity within their spheres.

Feedback from participants emphasized the course’s effectiveness in raising awareness about gender equality challenges in sports management. Constructive suggestions, including more case studies and practical applications, will shape future iterations. The consensus is to foster continuous engagement through post-course resources and a collaborative platform, creating a supportive community for ongoing dialogue and knowledge exchange.The Multiplier Sport Event successfully united a diverse group, setting the stage for sustained impact in promoting gender equality within the sports community.