This Multiplier Sports Event hosted by the Institute of Sports was an impactful dissemination event that drew participants predominantly affiliated with sports federations and the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. Noteworthy attendees included Secretary Generals, Directors, Head Coaches/National Coaches, and active athletes, reflecting a diverse array of backgrounds and expertise. Their active engagement, especially in discussions about gender equality and women’s sports committees, underscored their commitment to driving positive change.

The event’s success was evident in the high level of participation and interactivity. Attendees not only attended but actively contributed to panel discussions, sharing insights on gender equality from their professional perspectives. Their keen interest in the educational course was apparent, with substantive discussions reflecting valuable feedback and a positive sentiment towards the course content.

Participants viewed the educational course as a practical and indispensable resource, providing profound insights into the nuanced role of women in sports organizations and leadership positions. The section on the management role of women in sports organizations, in particular, garnered significant interest, with participants deeming it both interesting and profoundly beneficial to their roles and aspirations within the sports landscape.